Top 14 Gold Investment Newsletter Writers

NewsletterAmidst your summertime fun and patio time, we suggest you start taking a closer look at the precious metals markets and familiarize yourself with the letter writers in the gold investment space. Depending on your investment style and budget for this sort of thing, here are our Top 14 Gold Writers for you to peruse, in no particular order. Add more in the comments for any we have missed.

  1. Brent Cook: Exploration Insights Mr. Cook worked for Rick Rule ages ago, and he speaks at most every conference and knows more about rocks than 97.5% of Geologists out there. He would be the one-to-beat in the “most-respected” category.
  2. Jim Dines: The Dines Letter Not specifically gold, but still, Mr. Dines rises to the top with his analysis, timing and track record. And wasn’t he the self-proclaimed Original Gold Bug? I mean, Uranium? I mean, China? If you ever get a chance to see him speak at a  conference, it will be on your highlight reel.
  3. Mickey Fulp: The Gold Geologist We love Mr. Fulp, the Mercenary from Albuquerque- he’s traveled the globe, has his thumb on the pulse of the Vancouver scene and geology, and he’s a conservative investor in the space. Well worth signing up, in particular because he gives his reports away for free and charges companies for advisory work instead.
  4. Eric Coffin: Hard Rock Advisors (HRA) Great value, and quite possibly one of those in the top 2.5% of Geologists to beat Mr. Cook for depth in rock knowledge. Maybe, how would I know. HRA analysis is known for being top notch, well-timed and honest.
  5. Gwen Preston: Resource Maven Mrs. Preston is relatively new to the letter writer scene but don’t let that fool you- her time at Northern Miner and ghost-writing behind Casey Research makes her content and stock picking style very valuable. Probably the best true writer in the batch which makes her analysis a pleasure to read.
  6. Otto Rock: Incakola Part evil sniper, part awesome latin american analyst, if you like market dirt, mining and latin america, Mr. Turner’s blog and/or letter should earn your review. Love him or leave him, he doesn’t care, but we have always loved him.
  7. Louis James: Casey Research Mr. James (Mr. Tiggre) is well-known on the scene and travels to a tons of projects sussing out the merits, probabilities and people. Another one with his thumb on the pulse of mining deals and a systematic format that’s interesting to read.
  8. Brien Lundin, Gold Newsletter Well-liked, and devoted to the gold space, Mr. Lundin also runs one of the best investment conferences out there with Jefferson Companies, the New Orleans Investment Conference. Well worth checking out his newsletter as he comes across very good early stage oppys.
  9. Bob Moriarity: 321 Gold Mr. Moriarity runs the 321gold site where the model is to charge (vetted) companies a sponsorship fee, and then give the analysis away for free. Love his writing style and he has a good sniffer for value and narrative that offsets the pay-for-play model.
  10. Jordan Roy-Byrnes: The Daily Gold Mr. Roy-Byrnes is extremely smart on the technical side (he has “Chartered” and “Master” in his credentials). His emphasis is on market timing and stock selection. Good speaker, good guy and his picks should fare quite well over the next bull run.
  11. Jay Taylor: Mining Stocks Former banker and value investor, Mr. Taylor also has his own radio show. His site is a little dated but this free pdf off the home page is worth a read- it gives away some of his recent picks, analysis and political commentary as well.
  12. John Kaiser, Bottom Fish Considered a research portal, Mr. Kaiser specializes in high risk Canadian listed resource sector securities. Fishing at the bottom is just smart so we like his style and analytics-based research approach.  
  13. James Kwantes, Resource Opportunities Mr. Kwantes took over editing sometime after the transfer of the RO torch went from Lawrence Roulston to Tommy Humphries. I mean, he’s no Marina!! But we like him, his writing is thorough.
  14. James West: The Midas Report Working with the Financial Post now, Midas is not exactly a gold report, but when the gold markets begin to froth up again, you can bet he is rolling along with the waves in the resource plays. We are always curious to know what he’s following and why.
  15. Suggested in the Comments Section: We hear Jason Hamlin’s Gold Stock Bull is another one to check out as well

The list is certainly not complete but rather a bookmark to start off your gold mining investment research and due diligence. 



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