Tower One’s Long Latin American Runway: $TO.C $TOWTF

Tower One Wireless Corp.

We are interested in a new stock that is making connectivity possible in the far reaches of South America. Tower One Wireless Corp. (CSE: TO, OTC: TOWTF, Frankfurt: A2AFT9) was founded with a mission to own and operate cellular network infrastructure sites in high-usage, South American markets. This telecommunication infrastructure developer is just getting going, with thirty tower sites either built or in the acquisition stage in Latin America. They are working nimbly to grow that number and … [Read more...]

Pioneers of Fire Safety in the Kitchen, TSXV: $PTE OTC: $PTEFF

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It’s probably not a surprise to hear that stovetop cooking is the #1 cause of household fires in the world, and so these numbers probably wouldn’t surprise you either. In the US, there are 172,000 cooking fires reported to the fire departments every year, over $1.1 billion in direct costs and over $7 billion in indirect costs due to these types of common fires. An additional 4.7 million fires go unreported every year and the worst part is an average of 7 people die every day from home fires.  A … [Read more...]

Q&A with HealthSpace $HS CEO, Warwick Smith

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Hi Warwick, thanks for joining us today. For those new to the HealthSpace story can you please give a brief overview of the company? HealthSpace ($HS) went public at the end of November 2015 and we are in the process of rolling out our native mobile app for both Android and iOS.  The Company was founded in the late 90's as a developer of inspection software and information/communication management systems for all levels of government agencies that deal with Environmental Health … [Read more...]