Wallbridge Posts Great Gold Drill Intercepts: $WM


Wallbridge's step-out drilling intersects 237.81 g/t gold over 7.02 meters on the Fenelon Gold property in Quebec. These initial assay results are from its third round of exploration drilling on the 100-per-cent-owned Fenelon gold property in Quebec. Another six holes are still pending. The market is paying more attention now! "We continue to be pleasantly surprised by the drill results from Fenelon," stated Marz Kord, president and chief executive officer of Wallbridge. "We knew when we … [Read more...]

Kestrel Gold Hitches a Wagon to Legendary Prospector, Bernie Kreft: $KGC.V

Bernie Kreft 3

Kestrel Gold (TSX.V: $KGC), owners of King Solomon’s Dome in the heart of the Klondike in Canada’s Yukon Territory, just announced a few option agreements with legendary, gritty prospector Bernie Kreft, known for his role on the History Channel’s show Yukon Gold. Bernie Kreft and Kevin Nephin, Kestrel Gold's President & CEO, have a decade-long friendship from working in the same hood in the nether regions of Northern Canada. With Kreft’s proven and documented prowess as a diligent project … [Read more...]

From Headache to Heavyweight, Here Comes New Carolin Gold: $LAD.V $LADFF


Bob Thast is a good man to be running a mining deal over the previous five years. It hasn’t been easy for the majority of junior mining execs. This BC native was brought in to clear a path to funding for New Carolin Gold Corp (TSX.V: LAD). After doing so and then inside the tent at New Carolin, Thast saw what key moves the company had to make, he pulled the strings that needed to be pulled, and found himself gratefully appointed as the new President and CEO in March of 2013. When he … [Read more...]

Top 14 Gold Investment Newsletter Writers


Amidst your summertime fun and patio time, we suggest you start taking a closer look at the precious metals markets and familiarize yourself with the letter writers in the gold investment space. Depending on your investment style and budget for this sort of thing, here are our Top 14 Gold Writers for you to peruse, in no particular order. Add more in the comments for any we have missed. Brent Cook: Exploration Insights Mr. Cook worked for Rick Rule ages ago, and he speaks at most every … [Read more...]

Brexit, Gold and a Warning from Mario Draghi


Gold, the British pound, the euro, and pretty much all global financial markets are centre stage this week in the wake of Britain’s Exit from the EU. Gold, a hedge against political uncertainty, surged and pulled back again as financial markets did just the opposite post Brexit vote. Gold price is at $1311 at the time of writing. Come Tuesday, things have stabilized, but sentiment is still mixed in regards to the world’s central banks. Mario Draghi, president of the European Central Bank, … [Read more...]

Exclusive Syndicate Q&A with Secova Metals $SEK.V President, Morgan Good

VG Duvay Gold Project, Quebec

Hi Morgan, thanks for joining us today. How much opportunity is out there for explorers right now and do you see more capital flowing back into mining and development? There is a huge opportunity for explorers right now.  Most junior issuers are having a lot of trouble raising capital let alone spending any of it.  Secova has access to financing through its strong team and shareholders, thereby giving it a leg up compared to many other junior explorers.  So for us, there is no doubt we can make … [Read more...]