Stocks to Watch Update: $UGE.V $BZI.C $CSR.V

UGE International ($UGE.V) had a 575% increase in revenues in Q3, 2017, and “lumpy” gross margins are expected. But again attention needs to be drawn to their backlog of $38.3 million in projects coming online over the next year, year and a half. The share price has dropped quite a bit, leaving the market cap at $14.5 million for those interested in a company banging out the commercial solar orders.

Brisio Innovations ($BZI.C) is amid a $0.20 financing for $500k- up to a million, with their share price currently at $0.34. Their recent investment into Atlas Engineered Products ($AEP.V) at $0.40 is down a few pennies at $0.68 today. Current investments include:

BZI: Chart

Castle Silver ($CSR.V) is closing off their $1.03 million financing, about to giv’er on the underground cobalt program at the Castle Silver mine near Gowganda, Ontario.

Here is their updated Fact Sheet if you’d like to take a look.

And the markets are pulling back on the Crypto-sphere to figure out the context around South Korea’s stance on banning crypto trading exchanges.


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