Q&A with Maricann Group Inc: $MARI

$MARIToday we have a Q&A with the team over at Maricann Group Inc (CSE: MARI). They recently expanded their product portfolio and deepened their pipeline of future products by entering into an agreement to acquire 100% of NanoLeaf Technologies Inc., a biotech company with licensing rights to a number of global patents. Their technologies can provide proven pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic and functional beverage drug delivery formulations. Maricann is a CSE listed company founded in 2013 that produces and distributes medical marijuana. Brought to you by Stockpools, the CSE, Lift Cannabis Expo and the Stock Syndicate.

  1. What is the most exciting advancement or trend in the marijuana industry right now?

From healthcare practitioners, patients, the business community and society, cannabis is a topic that continues to gain interest, attention, and credibility with an exponential groundswell of support. It used to be a taboo topic, now it’s becoming commonplace to discuss potential benefits of cannabis.

  1. Give us the elevator pitch for Maricann?

Maricann is a vertically integrated producer and distributor of cannabis for medical purposes. The company operates under federal license from Health Canada and is based in Toronto, Canada and Munich, Germany, with production facilities in Langton, Ontario, Canada where it operates a 44,000 sq. ft. medicinal cannabis cultivation, extraction, formulation and distribution business, and is aggressively moving ahead in its facility in Dresden, Germany. Maricann is currently undertaking an expansion of its cultivation and support facilities in Canada with 517,000 sq. ft. of new build out, to support existing and future patient growth that will result in an additional 52,245 kg of dry flower per year.

  1. Why are you excited about the future of the Company?

Maricann is aggressively moving forward with new product development based on globally patented VesiFact technology.  It’s a differentiator that gives patients greater bio-availability of cannabinoids in delivery systems readily acceptable to traditional medical practitioners and patients.  It’s about changing the conversation from someone smoking a blunt to cannabis as a beneficial health product.

  1. How is Western Europe different than North America in terms of culture and how will that affect the adoption rate of Europe’s cannabis program

Western Europe has been accepting of a more holistic approach to healthcare.  Nutraceuticals, herbals, and other non-traditional approaches are widely used.  As legislative changes occur, and access to cannabis is created, we anticipate a strong uptake.  Funding is also in place for medicinal cannabis as a complimentary treatment in some jurisdictions, whereas it’s mostly out of pocket for patients in Canada at present, and everywhere in the US.

  1. What is the estimated size of the Western Europe cannabis market and where will we see the most explosive growth coming from over the next few years?

Germany has a population almost three times the size of Canada, and cannabis will be funded through the healthcare system.  Maricann has its roots in pharma and healthcare, so the fact that access is via physicians and pharmacies is something we’re able to readily capitalize on.

  1. What should investors watch for when it comes to picking the best marijuana stocks?

Ability to scale for mass production with low costs; extraction technology and product development leading to unique product offerings; and a high level of proven compliance ie QA/QC oversight.  All of which Maricann delivers, with a multinational platform.

  1. What should investors know about the changing relationship cannabis companies have with pharmacies and the medical communities in both Canada and in Western Europe?

Cannabis companies have varying perspectives regarding pharmacy and medical communities. In Germany, as an example, cannabis must be prescribed by a physician and dispensed by a pharmacist.  In Canada, the patient must see a physician, and while Licensed Producers currently ship directly to the patient, Pharmacy represents a significant opportunity to elevate the level of consistency of patient counselling and healthcare management.  Pharmacist’s are Canada’s most trusted professionals, and are able to help manage synchronistic medications.  Cannabis shouldn’t be a standalone medication relegated to the sidelines, it’s complementary.

  1. What are some of the challenges or stumbling blocks that microcap companies might meet along the way?

Building the right team that’s passionate and flexible enough to handle all the challenges of a hyper growth company in a growth sector is imperative.  We’re adding key talent with a great track record of experience in the pharma, pharmacy, nutraceutical and infrastructure development sectors.  We’re rapidly expanding our footprint, domestically and globally, introducing unique bio-tech that is applied in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sectors by the majors, and gaining long term agreements with pharmacy groups.  Each of these initiatives takes time, dedicated resources and energy.   The greatest stumbling block a company can have is not having the right talent to capitalize on new opportunities, while being disciplined enough to execute the existing business plan.  Growth while executing on what has been promised.

  1. What will happen to the global cannabis industry over the next 5-10 years?

We will see cannabis become main street medicine, not something peddled out of a here today, gone tomorrow retail outlet with cash only pay.  It’s where the industry came from, but not where it needs to stay.  Cannabis in the media won’t be a picture of someone smoking a fattie at a festival with a large plume of smoke, it will be in traditional and accepted formats.  The stigma and taboo will go away, major pharma players globally will engage and cannabis will be an every day treatment option. It’s an iterative process, but we’ll get there.  More countries will legalize for medical use as they see the benefits and lack of addiction compared to opiates.

  1. Excluding Maricann, what are some of the publicly listed cannabis-focused companies operating right now that are setting the bar high for the industry?

CannaRoyalty is laying the groundwork for industry leading post processing technology and genetic development with some of their investments.  They have an exciting platform.   It’s not just about cultivating cannabis, it’s about how you take it to the next level to excite the patient about potential health outcomes based on scientific discovery and they’re doing that.



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