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NewsDelta 9 Cannabis went public on the TSX-V yesterday, under the stock symbol $NINE.

Stockwatch reported: “Share prices rose sharply in the first hours of trading, increasing from 65 cents at the open to $2.00, and were at $1.87 as of noon today Eastern Time.

Delta 9 was the fourth company in Canada licensed to legally grow and sell cannabis under the original Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations. The Winnipeg company is listing on the TSX-V in order to prepare for the upcoming legalization of medical marijuana.

‘Closing of the transaction represents a significant milestone for Delta 9 as we look to aggressively expand our domestic production facilities and international opportunities,’ said Delta 9’s chief executive officer John Arbuthnot. ‘Ultimately our goal is to raise between $25 and $30-million in additional capital, through a mix of debt and equity, over the next number of months in order to meet the rising demand for our products.’

This year alone the company has constructed 28 of its self-designed grow pods, each of which produces an average of 31,500 grams of high-quality cannabis annually. The current construction project is intended to build out 600 grow pods in its current 80,000-square-foot building in Winnipeg.

Production capacity is expected to increase from the current 1,000 kilograms per year to 17,000 kilograms of high-grade cannabis by 2020…” read more here.


From Energy and Gold:

Bob Moriarty On The Bitcoin Bubble And Who Killed Kennedy


From Stock Gumshoe, the website that exposes stock teasers for you:

Dan Ferris and the “SINGLE STOCK IDEA WORTH $70,300”


Castle Silver sent this interesting piece around this morning by George Heppel at CRU Insight, regarding cobalt’s shift from metallic products to chemical products:

“Cobalt demand is expected to exceed 100kt this year, and CRU forecasts total demand of cobalt materials to increase at a CAGR of 11.6% over the next ten years. Alongside this large increase in demand, CRU also expects changes to the way refined cobalt is traded and produced. This is primarily due to a shift in cobalt demand from metallic products to chemical products.
The cobalt market has two main categories

Metallic cobalt is used for the manufacture of high-temperature superalloys, stainless steels, medical prosthetics, hard-facing products and other niche applications. It is normally sold in the form of 99.8% and 99.3% purity cobalt ingot or cut cathode on the LME, or priced according to price discovery from a wide range of sources.

Cobalt chemicals have many applications, but their most prominent use is in the manufacture of Li-ion batteries. Other key uses include the manufacture of catalysts, pigments, polymers and tyres. The most widely used cobalt chemicals are cobalt oxide, cobalt sulphate and cobalt acetate, as well as other more niche compounds for rarer applications. Read more here.


And last but not least, Northern Empire ($NM.V) increased its bought deal to $13 mill after putting out positive drill results at their Sterling Gold Mine (including 12.19 meters of 8.37g/t Au.)


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