A brief intro to $UGE.V

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Used by permission from the company: UGE International (UGEIF:OTCQB) (TSX-V:UGE) Current Share Price: C$0.52 Shares Outstanding: 36 million Market Capitalization: C$18.7 million Revenue Run-rate: ~C$ 32 million for 2017  52-Week Range: C$0.27 - C$0.70 Cash: ~C$ 2.3 million (9/30/2016; cash flow positive since this date) UGE International is one of the world's leading commercial solar companies.  With dual headquarters in New York and Toronto, UGE is a leading player in … [Read more...]

Hedging 101

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  If you're at all like me, you're 100% long, everything, almost all the time. That's not safe to do without a hedging strategy like this one using the S&P 500's options as a hedge against big market downturns. Right now markets are way up, however they don't have a lot of reason to be at the moment.  Hence my urgency to address a common question I'm getting, how do I hedge properly? You can almost think of a hedge like a life insurance policy.  You don't ever want to … [Read more...]

Bad Habits


We all have them.  But if there’s one place they need to be left behind, it’s when analyzing stocks. Here are the top 3 fatal errors traders and investors make every day: Don’t let a bad trade turn you into an involuntary shareholder! How many times has that happened?  You bought on a tip or a hunch or a gut feel and it immediately went against you.  But you hold on...why?  So that you could eventually prove yourself right on the trade?  The moment it went against you, you were wrong - so … [Read more...]

Exclusive with Select Sands Corp. CEO, Rasool Mohammad $SNS $SNS.V $CLICF

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A video interview I conducted with the CEO of Select Sands on February 24th, 2016; Silica Sand is quartz that over time, through the work of water and wind, has been broken down into tiny granules. Commercial Silica Sand is widely used as a proppant by companies involved in oil and natural gas recovery in conventional and unconventional resource plays. The resource is also used in industrial processing to make everyday items such as glass, construction materials, personal care … [Read more...]

Volume Spikes on Micro Caps

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For those watching it; Lithium X ($LIX.V)... It went berzerk today, after sitting at .40-.45 the past few weeks on low, low volume. Today it rocketed to as high as .64 cents and closed the day at .59 on $350,000 volume (way above average as you can see below) for a gain of over 31% in one day.   WHY DOES THIS MATTER?   Yes, we talked about it a lot here 3 weeks ago and bought lots at .40 after getting to know it's very dynamic and talented CEO - but that's not the point here.   The point … [Read more...]

Long the $SPY for the first time since last year


Call me crazy, (I already know I am) and I'm short enough already, so I am officially going long the S&P 500 (SPY @ $184) as of 5 minutes ago for the FIRST long $SPY trade since November. Technical trade, not macro. Dangerous - very dangerous, just playing a bounce of a critical pivot point on the chart. DYODD and take profits at $190! Bought these: … [Read more...]

Keep a Journal

Journal 2010 Rules

Keeping a trading journal for every stock transaction I did in the early days was critical. If you have the discipline to abide by rules as strict as these 10 I journaled in 2010, then you can write your own ticket. It's a true paradigm shift when you realize that you+time=money is simply not scalable or congruent with any decent quality of life vs it being your money+time=more money and time. Let it work for you - take the day off and let it take over. … [Read more...]

Minding the Gap


Traders love history, and historically; this past week (3rd week of September) is among one of the strongest weeks of the year for the US stock indexes (and now they're turning negative). Alternatively, the next 3 weeks are statistically among three of the worst weeks for the US indexes going back over 25 years. Be prepared for a volatile week coming up. Gold will be up, volatility will be way up, and many shaky-handed traders will flee to cash and plummet the indexes as they hit bids and prune … [Read more...]

Hedge, or die.


Yesterday was a Monday that doesn't come around often in this lofty market we're in; The Dow closed down 588 points Monday, at one point being down by almost 1,100 points.  (It's never (yet) closed down over 1,000 points) S&P down almost 4% as well - the worst single day in over 4 years - almost 14 billion shares traded on the S&P alone so the volatility was off the charts compared to a regular sleepy Monday. Gold; down.  Oil; down.  Commodities are in a huge 16-year slump.  This … [Read more...]