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We are professional stock speculators – not emotional investors.

We are venture capitalists, deploying our assets where and when it makes the most sense at that time from an asset allocation perspective.  We are completely stock and sector agnostic and we use stock options where we can for leverage and for hedging.  We get in when the time is right and we exit when the time is right.

We are surgical and disciplined in our execution.  We are making business decisions and act as such.  Once out of a trade, we reflect on what made it a successful trade.  We gratefully accept it and wait for the next opportunity.

The focus is speculative, large-upside swing-trading but with an emphasis on capital preservation, rather than capital gains.  The gains always come if the trade is right.

We mitigate and hedge our risk almost entirely using put options on indexes and option pairing on long positions.

We never miss an opening bell; and we’re often done our trading day 90 minutes into the session, freeing up the rest of the day for family, friends, learning, teaching and giving back.

Every single entry and exit is a business decision.  We plan our trades and then we stick to that plan and hold each other accountable to this manifesto.


In closing and most importantly; we learn and we help each other better ourselves every single day.  Whether you’re a seasoned investor looking for an edge, or the working man or woman with a few hours a day to trade stocks – this is the place for you.

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Brayden R. Sutton
Founder & CEO

Brayden Sutton brings an impressive track record, managing a diverse portfolio of investments through Sutton Ventures Ltd., his wholly owned merchant bank. Over the past 14 years he has specialized in the technology, media, health, clean energy, and resource sectors, honing his knowledge and conducting extensive due diligence in each sector. Brayden’s experience in the capital markets helps identify early-stage, high-growth opportunities, both private and public. Throughout his career he has played a major role in several restructurings, RTOs, IPOs, and M&As.

He currently serves as a Director for Golden Hope Mines Ltd. (GLH.V), has served as the Executive Vice President for Supreme Pharmaceuticals Inc. (SL.C) and the Vice President, Business Development for Invictus MD Strategies (IMH.C). Brayden is also the founder of Cannabis Health Sciences Inc., which owns CannabisHealth.com, as well as several other thriving digital initiatives.







Erin Ostrom
Vice President, Corporate Development

Erin Ostrom has over a decade of capital markets experience, having guided the corporate communications and investor relations teams for many small-cap public companies.

With a strong background in network nurturing and a proven history in digital marketing strategies, Erin is an invaluable asset when conducting due diligence on new initiatives. She is also Investor Relations for LottoGopher Holdings Inc.